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Can you increase your intelligence by doing things backwards? According to some studies, walking backwards can increase your intelligence, so the Blello team wanted to test this theory by doing ‘stuff’ backwards then seeing if they get smarter!

In this ‘sdrawkcab’ challenge Just Ty and PK do some normal stuff in an out of the ordinary way in an attempt to grow their intelligence. When it comes to challenges in life it is all about perspective and looking at things in a different way.

Sometimes to achieve something, taking time to look at it differently changes your perspective and gives you the boost you need. Watch this challenge forwards (or is it backwards?!) and see if these two do indeed get smarter!

It takes a lot of courage to face something you know is going to be unpleasant or especially challenging.

When you have to do something that is a bit scary, your body may do all kinds of weird things. Some people sweat, some people shake, some people get a churning wobbly feeling in their stomachs.

Having courage is choosing to step forward and face the challenge, even when you still feel a bit wobbly. The more you keep choosing to step forward and not crumble, the bolder you will find you become!

In this spicy challenge, PK and Just Ty face the ‘Flaming Jenga Tower’. They need to encourage each other and have courage as they see who will face the ultimate spicy challenge!

Have you ever forgotten to do something? Like decorating for Christmas? It can be a real shock to realise that your brain has inconveniently ejected something from you head that you needed to remember! Wouldn’t it be great if you could just switch on a super power and at the snap of your fingers or the point of your finger make it happen instantly. Unfortunately life doesn’t work like a video game and when we forget to do things we need to take a deep breath admit we have forgotten and then get the job done anyway. It’s always best to admit your mistakes and complete what you have committed to doing, even if you forgot.

What would life be like if it was a video game? How would we carry out every day activities. The Blello team thought there would be some very interesting things happening around the place.
Here’s our version of what we think it might be like decorating for Christmas!!