Catch Up – 22nd November

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Catch Up with the latest news from this week.

12 Responses

  1. Could Awhitu discrict school get a shout out because we work very hard and we read kiwi kids every day we love it so much

  2. Please give awhitu district school a shoutout we love KIWI KIDS we watch every morning (-_-)

  3. Hi,
    could you please give hinds school a shout out because we have the best teachers,
    we would really like a shout out from kiwi kids.

  4. PLZ give shout out to awhitu becuase we love KKN if it was’nt for our teachers we would have never found this website.

  5. Can you please give papatawa school a shoutout because we are a little school outside of a town near Palmerston north called Woodville and we love kiwi kids.

  6. hi guys can you give st martins school a shout out because we love your blello vids and love the catch up

  7. Hi I really like watching your video and I love learning new stuff you talk about,
    Keep up with your work!

  8. Hi guys I love your vids, can you give me a shout out at St Patricks school in Greymouth, New zealand, Alexander st

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