Car parks just for women?

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South Korean capital Seoul, has introduced the “she-spot”, parking spaces designated only for women drivers.

These spaces are 8 inches wider than normal parking spaces and their lines are a vivid pink with a symbol of a woman.

Many are unhappy with the concept, saying that the “she-spots” are sexist, suggesting that women are not as good drivers as men by creating separate spaces that are “easier to park in.”

However, Seoul authorities say that the spaces will also be closer to stores and have better lighting for safety reasons.

So what do you think? Are these “she-spots” insulting or a good idea?

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  1. i say it’s sexist and any way the disabled ones are used by non disabled so men will use them anyway the women get all the respect and what do men get so give us more not them

  2. I’m korean guy. I hate this policy. Because this section is very closed to exit like an disable people’s parking section. I think somebody think like that “women’s driving skill is very bad like a disable people”.

  3. I think that the “She-Spot” idea, wasn’t so good because it’s sexist, and their isn’t a need for it.

  4. I think she-spots are fine. It will help pregnant women especially, because it means they won’t have to squeeze between cars.

  5. Thats a bit weird… but its also sexist. i am a girl, but still, what about he-spots? :/

  6. I think this is a bit strange but I think its not good because some men might want a park but there all full and there is no room so i think its a bad idea

  7. I think this is a good idea as woman can have kids and then the mum might just need to grab a bottle of milk quickly from the store and then if there was a problem she could run back easily. And also this would also help woman who are pregnant or just really busy. But I think if they have woman parks they should also have men parks. Also this article does not mean that the people think woman are bad drivers.

  8. I think it is a very bad idea to make car spaces just for women.I think it is sexist that women get their own parking spaces

  9. I believe this is rather sexist, suggesting women are worst drivers and such. I think only disabled people should have special parking spots because they aren’t as able to get in and out of the difficult parking spots and will make it easier for them to shop. But for women to have parking spots and not men is quite sexist since they are not that different at all.

  10. This is so sexist and wrong there is no need for this. I noticed there where some people commenting about it would be good for mothers… THAT ALREADY EXISTS! You see it at supermarkets and malls next to wheelchair parks its marked my a lady and a pram.

  11. Equal rights for men.Equal rights for men.Equal rights for men.
    There should be some for men to.

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