World’s most stubborn driver?

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A video from Germany has been released showing a driver stubbornly refusing to pull over to allow a fire truck to pass.

Drivers know the importance of allowing all emergency services (fire brigade, police and ambulance) to pass them on the road to let them get to their destination as quickly as possible.

It is often a life or death situation when emergency services are called so it is important they can reach the caller as soon as possible.

The fire truck in the video has its sirens on to alert drivers to allow it to pass, however, one car refuses to cooperate.

It is unlikely that the driver was unaware of the fire truck trying to pass him with the blaring sirens and all the other cars on the road moving to make way.

It is assumed that the car refuses to move purely to create problems. It is yet to be decided if the driver was breaking the law by not allowing the truck to pass.

What do you think?

Article written by  D Mulhern

18 Responses

  1. that is so inconsiderate i think he should be pressed with charges and 150 hours of community service.

  2. Stubborn? I say crazy. Does he not know that he might be letting people’s lives die? I want to know who this person is. But then, if the situation was like a cat stuck in a tree, then I guess it would be alright. But they should still press charges for disrespect to the authorities and stuff. I wonder if you can fine someone for being a stubborn mule.

  3. Rude like totes rude he is so stupid he should go to jail what if the house was on fire and people where trapped inside he would be the one to blame. GRRRRRRRRR!

  4. He should be arrested. Somebody could have died because of that fire. He is no better than a murderer. A murderer I tell you. A MURDERER

  5. OMG!, that is one of the most stupiest thing you could do to an emergency service vehicle especially if it was exceeding the speed limit. And its impossible to not hear a fire truck, police and ambulance and it most likely against the law in New Zealand! I wouldn’t want to be with that driver.

  6. I definitely think that it should be illegal to not let emergency services pass. When people call emergency services its because there is an emergency, sometimes even if its just a minute that an ambulance or police car or a fire engine is late can mean life of death.

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