California to run out of water in a year

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NASA scientists have said California will run out of water in 12 months.

The state only has one year of supply left in its reservoirs due to persistent drought and is also running out of backup groundwater.

Scientists suggeste immediate water-rationing measures must be put into place after a four year drought has left reservoirs near empty.

70 per cent of the Californian States water use by residents comes from sprinklers and other gardening activities.

It was hoped that after Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency at the beginning of last year, Californians would reduce their water usage by 20 per cent however usage was only reduced by 9%.

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  1. This will cost California a huge amount money because they will have to buy water from other countries and will lose some of their population. Unlucky

  2. If California is already running out of water in 2015 its only a matter of time until the whole world is facing water shortage. I’m not implying that all the water will run out in our lifetime but people need to stop using water that they don’t need. Harvest water off your roof and use it for flushing the toilet and watering the garden, instead of using the 1% of clean water that we have left. Scientists should also start trying to find a way to use sea water so that when in 150 years when there is hardly any drinking water left people can resort to the sea water or artificial water to drink and stuff. Thank goodness in some countries they recycle water and are trying to save it. How long will it be until there is hardly any drinking water? I’d say about 100-150 years.

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