Cafe owner’s note to hungry

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After discovering that a homeless person had been searching her cafe’s rubbish bins for food, Ashley Jiron put up a notice with a special message.

Ashley owns P.B. Jams cafe in Oklahoma and was heartbroken to discover that someone was left relying on her cafe’s rubbish for their food.

Ashley left a note outside by the garbage skip reading:

“To the person going through our trash for their next meal, you’re a human being and worth far more than a meal from a dumpster.

Please come in during operating hours for a classic Pb&j, fresh veggies and a cup of water at no charge. No questions asked.

Your friend, the owner.”

So far no one has come forward in response to the note and Ashley believes that the person may be too embarrassed or proud to ask for food. Ashley says she understands that everyone just needs a helping hand every once in a while and hopes to help however she can. Ashley will not take down the note until the person comes forward.


Article written by D Mulhern

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  1. Aww, she is so sweet hope no one just pretends that it was them for a free meal…

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