Cafe for the hungry

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A new project created to prevent the huge amount of wasted food in the UK has earned the founder a lot of praise  and has fed over 10,000 hungry people.

29 year old Adam Smith is a trained chef who feeds the customers in his little cafe with food that would have otherwise been thrown away by supermarkets and food banks.

Adam explains that supermarkets do not sell food after it passes the ‘best before date’, however they still do not co-operate with project’s like Adam’s which will happily take the food as long as it is before the ‘use by date.’

The concept has gained a lot of attention from all around the world, with 47 other cafes allowing customers to pay only what the can popping up around the UK as well as Los Angeles, Brazil, Zurich and Warsaw.

Adam hoped his project will lead to a change in the law which will prevent supermarkets throwing away so much food. He admits that he and his cafe staff often take food from supermarket bins after watching perfectly good food being thrown away.


Adam makes stews, soups, casseroles and cakes with the unwanted food and allows his customers to pay for their meal with whatever money they feel they can spare, those who cannot pay anything are simply asked to help with the dishes in return for their full stomachs.

In just 10 months, Adam’s project has fed over 10,000 people with 20 tonnes of unwanted food and has raised over £30,000.

Would you like to see these cafes in New Zealand?!


Article written by D Mulhern


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