Bus converted into showers

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American woman Doenice Sandoval has come up with an innovative way to help the homeless.

She has converted a bus into a mobile shower for homeless people to use.

She says she wants to make sure that the homeless have the chance to get cleaned up.

She was inspired with the idea after she meet a young woman on the street who was upset she could not shower or bath.

Doenice funded the project with money from Google as a part of their “Global Impact Challenge.”

She hopes to have more buses converted into showers in the future.

Article written by Charlotte 

11 Responses

  1. I Can’t Believe how people are so mean to the homeless good on her I would do that and make shelters only for the homeless and On Christmas I would Go around and hand presents to them like new warm clothes and I would get them a free cottage house good on u woman.

  2. That’s really cool. I am glad I can have a shower at home though. I don’t think some people realize how lucky they are or were until they lose it. I am lucky to be on a Laptop right now!

  3. So sweet! I think that this is an outstanding idea to help the homeless! Showers converted into a bus? Amazing and unique idea! Now the homeless will get cleaned up! This is a very touching thing and I’m sure that someday they will have more busses converted into busses!

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