Burger King to stop selling toys

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Burger King has announced that it will stop selling toys with its kids meals and will cease advertising to children on television.
The move will make Burger King the first burger chain in New Zealand to drop toys from its kids menu, chief executive  said.
CEO John Hunter said that we no longer feel it is relevant to include and advertise a plastic toy as part of our kids meal options,” he said.
The chain will stop selling toys at all 82 of its outlets nationwide.
Hunter said the move was Burger King’s second major initiative to help customers make healthier choices.
Last year, it became the first major burger chain in New Zealand to display the energy content of menu items on menu boards.

31 Responses

  1. Holy moly! I think they should keep selling them for kids entertainment so people come there more often

  2. Wat the wat? kids will stop getting burger king that is crazy that they are not putting in toys. I bet one of the only reasons kids get burger king is because they have cool toys inside. #SAD#DISAPPOINTED

  3. I am not sure about this for some people but I find the toys rather annoying so I a happy about there choice 🙂

  4. i think we should keep the toys .. if prices are going to stay the same then we will pay $2 for nothing that stinks

  5. You shouldn’t be eating fast food of any sort in the first place! I may sound like a nagging mum but if you stop it will save 10 years of your life!

  6. #NotSuchALetDown
    Apparently they’re aiming for teenagers instead of kids (facts given to me by parents)

  7. I find it quite odd that they discontinued toys to encourage people to eat healthier. 1 because like any company or food chain, it’s main goal is to make money. 2 I don’t see how it encourages adults and teens to eat healthier, I don’t think taking toys away will effect how much Burger King food and drink they will buy and consume.

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