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The Löscher restaurant in Switzerland’s capital city, Bern, is now offering classes to instruct people how to cook with insects. YUCK!

Insects are a sustainable, protein-packed food source, and cultures around the world—from Central Africa to Asia and Latin America—eat the tiny critters.

Löscher’s manager, Andrea Staudacher, said “To enjoy the taste of bugs, we need to rethink our relationship with them. We associate prawns with food but not grasshoppers. However the two animals are very similar,”

Cookery students will learn how to cook items including muffins and falafel using house-bred weevils, or flour worms, and fried grasshoppers.

Löscher’s insect-based culinary course costs around $80, and is available for 20 participants.

52 Responses

  1. I like some bugs but I think this is kind of harmful to the bugs and to the live of them. I think this article is weird.

  2. EWWWWW! Why would you want to spend $80 to learn how to cook bugs?!? Imagine the taste and texture, YUCK!

  3. I think it’s a good thing for them to teach us how to eat bugs because they have no other use in the world, well some do. Eating bugs is not that bad when you think about it!

  4. I guess I’ve never tried it, it might be yummy. I think it’s worth a shot I’m gonna eat a cooked snale yeah

  5. it would be good because if you were stuck in the bush with NO FOOD you could live off animals and bugs

  6. I guess people have different opinions on these types of things and there is nothing wrong about that,and if they want to teach people how to cook bugs they should go for it. people don’t know it might be interesting.

  7. yuck i would never eat a bug even if it was the last thing to eat on earth. i’m not a fan of bugs, but some how people do eat them.

  8. yuck who would eat bugs and at a restaurant and no ones going to want to eat bugs

  9. It does sound gross but you never know it might taste all right and plus full of protein and it might be better if it is fried in oil with some salt but does sound weird

  10. yuck i would never eat a bug even if it was the last thing to eat on earth. i’m not a fan of bugs, but some how people do eat them.

  11. may sound gross but maybe it might taste nice, good to try new things.

    … and ok I agree it’s gross

  12. Even if i covered it in sugar and chocolate icing I still wouldn’t eat one

  13. To all the people out there saying ew yuck,thats what other people say about you eating pork and chicken etc so you cant say much bruh
    I’d like to try maybe a cricket or two!

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