Boy calls Police to get help with homework

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A police station in the United States has released audio of a boy who called their emergency line for help with his math homework.

The Indiana Police Department posted the audio on Twitter on Saturday (local time), saying their staff “train for emergency situations”, and that “homework help is not one of them”.

In the audio Antonia Bundy asks the boy what happened that made him have a bad day.

“I just have tons of homework,” the boy responds.

Ms Bundy asks the boy what he’s learning that’s so difficult and he tells her he’s learning fractions.

She then asks him if there is a problem he wants help with.

Ms Bundy then explains him through the maths problem and asks him if that’s all he needs help with.

The police say they don’t recommend that people call 911 for math homework help “but this dispatcher helped a young boy out and brightened his day”.

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  1. That is so cute a lot of five year old kids do that but their mom says call 111 only if you need help kids don’t get it its adorable!!

  2. what the kid calls 911 for homework I feel like he should do it when his house is being robbed

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