Blenheim may change its name

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The small South Island town of Blenheim is considering changing its name to Marlborough City.
A group of business people from the region have floated the idea of changing the town’s name so that it links to the iconic Marlborough name.
They believe Marlborough was now widely recognised because of the wine industry, but hardly anyone knew where Blenheim was.
So far the reception to the idea has been mixed. In fact a lot of the reaction has been negative.
Blenheim was in the news earlier this year for holding the record as the largest town in New Zealand without a set of lights.

38 Responses

  1. No i don’t think they should change it. JUST LIKE THE FLAG
    Blenhiem is an awesome name but changing it to Marlborough City would just sound a bit funny.

    they changed our money
    they changed our flag
    dont change the name of Blenhiem

  3. I think it’s terrible that they are changing the name because I just got used to the name Blenheim and I can’t get used to another name!Also Blenheim is not a city!

  4. I think we should keep the name because it has been Blenheim for years. it used
    to be bever town I hope we don’t change the name

  5. I don’t think blenheim should change the name we have had that name since ww 1 and ww 2.And we are not a city

  6. Its a pretty good name for Blenheim but still. Its been changed before from Beaver town to Blenheim so i don’t want to change it again.

  7. I think that Blenhiem is fine the way it is because I have lived here for a while and I love Blenhiem the way it is.

  8. I think that we should not change our name because all my life it has been Blenheim for years and years.

  9. Why do you have to change the name of our amazing town! you changed our money and our flag! Please don’t change the word Blenheim

  10. no way! why do you want to change our town’s name so if you want to change the name of the town name wait until all of the people have said yes

  11. I think changing our name to Marlborough city would be nice to make us more known

  12. NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would you do that!
    Its unique and you could get mixed up!

  13. it is the name of the town you tried to change the flag of New Zealand now Blenhiem

  14. It’s a nice name but I think we should keep our name . Changing g the name of our town is the same as changing our flag, we wasted 26 million on changing our flag and it didn’t even get changed. I think it’s a waste of time.

  15. don’t you know how special Blenhiem is. And Marlbrough City is a really weird name for Blenhiem and I think that Blenhiem is a special name.And no one will ever change a thing about Blenhiem .Blenhiem is an amazing place to be in and you have A really bad idea .And I have a better idea then your idea my idea is to never ever change Blenhiem’s name and not to even touch Blenhiem or the clock tower at all and probably everyone would agree and that can not change anything.

  16. I think blenheim changing it’s name is a bad idea. I like the name we’ve got is fine there is nothing is wrong with it and blenheim is not a city.

  17. I think blenheim changing it’s name is a bad idea. I like the name we’ve got it is fine there is nothing wrong with it and blenheim is not a city.

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