Bike helmet made from paper

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A new bike safety helmet made from paper has been invented.

28-year-old industrial designer Isis Shiffer was tired of lugging around her own helmet, so she designed the EcoHelmet.

The EcoHelmet is a unique foldable helmet designed to be purchased from a vending machine at a bikeshare station.
“You could buy a helmet for $5 or less, and when you’re done with the ride, you’d put it back in a recycle bin located at each station,” Shiffer said.

The eco-friendly bike helmet is made from cardstock paper and folds to the size of a banana.

While material that’s thinner than cardboard might not sound like a solid way to protect yourself while biking, it’s designed to do just that. It protects the head just as well as a regular polystyrene helmet.

The EcoHelmet features a honeycomb pattern that absorbs a hard blow and spreads impact evenly around the head. The paper is coated with a corn-based biodegradable wax that makes it waterproof.

10 Responses

  1. That’s pretty cool but kind of a waste of money and paper. Also, I don’t think it would be a very useful helmet in a bad crash.

  2. This might be our future…

    I agree with Shakira Richards and ELLLLAAA, but it’s one helmet I don’t really want. It might be safe…but I still don’t really trust a paper helmet if a fall of my bike or scooter. Or my skateboard. Or…my cousin’s. If they garantee it’s safe, and they offer my money back if it doesn’t work, I still wouldn’t take it, but my money back wouldn’t help in hospital, would it?!

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