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Life is made up of many interesting facts, most of which are taught at school, by parents and in books and websites.

However, some facts are a little stranger than others and some will surprise you! Check out these weird facts below, I bet you didn’t know these were true!


1. Redheads don’t go grey!

Some good news for all of you out there with pretty red hair – you don’t have to worry about grey hairs! Red hair just fades over the years, first becoming light copper before finally ending up a reddish blonde.


2. Pigs can’t look up!

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up at the sky.


3. A duck’s quack doesn’t echo!

No one knows why, but the quack of a duck does not echo anywhere.


4. Beeves?!

We all know that beef comes from cows, but not many people know that the plural of beef is beeves!


5. If you’re sick, stay home!

In Washington State, USA, it is illegal to walk around in public if you have a common cold.


6. Tongue Prints

Just like everyone has their own individual fingerprint everyone has their own unique tongue print.


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