Berlin Wall Remembered

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Germany has remembered the fall of the Berlin Wall by releasing 8,000 white balloons into the sky.

After World War Two, Germany was split into two countries, East Germany and West Germany with the border dividing the city of Berlin.

People in the West had greater freedom and more money, while on the other side of the wall in the East people lived under strict rules and had much more.

People escaped from the East to the West for a better life so in 1961 the The Berlin Wall was built by the East to stop them.

Over 100 people were killed trying to cross the wall before it was finally knocked down in 1989.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the wall being torn down, a row of lit balloons was put up through the city following the path where the giant wall used to stand.

On Sunday, the 8000 balloons rose into the sky. A huge crowd gathered and cheered as the balloons rose and a spectacular firework show took place.

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  1. that look cool i have been there be for to see family it is very cool have you been there befour most of my fam live there so i go there a lot with my mum and dad

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