BENEE wins big at Aotearoa Music Awards

Kiwi pop sensation BENEE has taken home four Tuis at the Aotearoa Music Awards.

After making a huge splash last year, BENEE has cemented her place as one of NZ’s most successful musicians. She won Best Solo Artist, Best Pop Artist, an International Achievement award, and Single of the Year for her smash hit ‘Superlonely’.

Indie pop band The Beths won Album of the Year with Jump Rope Gazers. They also won Best Group and Best Alternative Artist for the second year.

Aotearoa Music Awards 2020 winners:

1. Te Pukaemi o te Tau | Album of the Year​

  • WINNER: The Beths – Jump Rope Gazers
  • L.A.B – L.A.B III
  • Nadia Reid – Out Of My Province
  • Reb Fountain – Reb Fountain
  • Six60 – Six60
  • Tami Neilson – Chickaboom!

2. Te Waiata Tōtahi o te Tau | Single of the Year​

  • WINNER: BENEE – ‘Supalonely’
  • Drax Project ft Six60 – ‘Catching Feelings’
  • Jawsh685 – ‘Savage Love’
  • L.A.B – ‘In The Air’
  • Six60 – ‘Please Don’t Go’
  • Troy Kingi – ‘All Your Ships Have Sailed

3. Te Roopu Toa | Best Group

  • WINNER: The Beths – Jump Rope Gazers 
  • L.A.B. – L.A.B. III
  • Miss June – Bad Luck Party
  • Six60 – Six60

4. Te Kaipuoro Takitahi Toa | Best Solo Artist​

  • WINNER: BENEE – Stella & Steve
  • JessB – New Views
  • Nadia Reid – Out Of My Province
  • Reb Fountain – Reb Fountain

5. Te Kaituhura Puoro Toa o te Tau | Breakthrough Artist of the Year

  • WINNER: Jawsh685 
  • Paige

6. Te Māngai Pāho Te Kaipuoro Māori Toa | Best Māori Artist

  • WINNER: Maimoa
  • Ria Hall
  • Stan Walker

7. Te Kaipuoro Arotini Toa | Best Pop Artist​

  • Paige
  • Six60

8. Te Kaipuoro Manohi Toa | Best Alternative Artist​

  • WINNER: The Beths 
  • Mermaidens
  • Reb Fountain

9. Te Kaipuoro Awe Toa | Best Soul/RnB Artist

  • WINNER: Haz & Miloux
  • Lepani
  • Stan Walker

10. Te Kaipuoro Hipihope Toa | Best Hip Hop Artist

  • WINNER: Church & AP
  • choicevaughan
  • Raiza Biza

11. Te Kaipuoro Taketake Toa | Best Roots Artist

  • Lomez Brown
  • Ria Hall

12. Te Māngai Pāho Mana Reo Award

  • WINNER: Mōhau
  • Maimoa
  • Six60

13. Te Kaipuoro Tāhiko Toa | Best Electronic Artist

  • WINNER: Lee Mvtthews
  • State of Mind
  • Truth

14. Te Kaipuoro Rakapioi Toa | Best Rock Artist

  • WINNER: City of Souls
  • Devilskin
  • Villainy

15. Te Kaipuoro Kairangi Toa | Best Worship Artist

  • WINNER: Mōhau
  • Kane Adams
  • Te Rautini

16. Te Kaipuoro Inamata Toa | Best Classical Artist

  • WINNER: Andrew Beer & Sarah Watkins
  • Klara Kollektiv
  • Matthew Marshall

17. Te Kōwhiri o te Nuinga | People’s Choice Award

  • L.A.B

18. Tohu Whakareretanga | Recorded Music NZ Legacy Award

  • Johnny Cooper
  • Max Merritt
  • Peter Posa, Dinah Lee
  • The Chicks and Larry’s Rebels

19. Te Toa Hoko Teitei | Highest Selling Artist

  • Drax Project ft. Six60

20. Te Rikoata Marakerake o te Tau | NZ On Air Radio Airplay Record of the Year

  • Drax Project

21. Tohu Tutuki o te Ao | Recorded Music NZ International Achievement

  • Jawsh685

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