Generosity and generous people are often thought as those who donate the most money to charity. In reality, generosity is described as: “ready to give freely, unselfish, free from smallness or pettiness of mind or character. It’s interesting to see the dictionary doesn’t just put generosity into the basket of only giving money away. I don’t know about you but I think being generous with things other than money is an awesome feeling. There is something great about generous people that bring life and joy into the atmosphere when they turn up.

Some people may believe their place in life means they are unable to be as generous as they might like. However, I would argue we can live a life of generosity whether we are financially secure or not. We don’t have to wait to have an income and our generosity doesn’t have to be limited by our income. The only thing that limits our generosity is our mind-set and our character. We can be generous with our belongings, be willing to go the extra mile and share and give unconditionally to someone else. When we are generous with our time, our attitudes towards others and our encouragement to others, we are really being generous.

It can be hard to put others before ourselves. Society repeatedly encourages us to look out for number one. However, the more generous you become, the more empowered you will feel. It may sound a bit cliché, but I often think that the only way to reach our full potential is to make sure while we head towards our dreams we help others achieve theirs. Those who live generous lives have a sense of worth and satisfaction that isn’t in those who don’t.

Generosity comes in all shapes and sizes; it is not just about giving to those who are in need, it is just as important to give freely to everyone. Our friends may need a word of encouragement or appreciation, someone might need the time to be listened to, or someone might just need to be understood. People who are generous in spirit are the ones willing to appreciate those who they may not even agree with on some issues; we can show generosity in many different ways.

Let’s empower OURSELVES to be generous in our attitudes to others, stopping to think of others, to listen to others, share with others, value others and give to others. There are a millions ways to become more generous people and be the person that others love to be around as their generosity changes the atmosphere wherever they go. So let’s start thinking of some.

Critical Thinking Questions:
1. What are three reasons generosity is important?
2. What are some easy and doable, but impactful, ways you can show generosity?
3. Are we generous or not because of the way we are brought up, or simply because of human nature?

Practical Thinking Questions:
1. Do you think true generosity can be shown by everyone at some point in the future? How can we do this?
2. Think about the last thing that you did that was generous. How did it make you feel?
3. GO AND DO SOMETHING GENEROUS! Remember this doesn’t mean giving away money, it can be a way of giving your time, attention and kindness to others.

3 Responses

  1. I totally agree with the author because you only get one life in this world and you have to decided how to live it. If you choose to be hard working and GENEROUS you will succeed. But if you choose to do what is mattered but not more than enough and your mean and selfish, you will never win this battle. So you have to decide, GENEROUS or SELFISH. It’s your choice but I would choose GENEROUS.

  2. I also totally agree with the author with this because being generous is great and i think that the people who show it are even better

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