Beard Transplants

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The latest trend and attempt at expanding fashion has brought around a number of facial hair transplants.

Men are now willing to pay up to $7000 to get instant stubble.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, a top New York plastic surgeon said that he treats about 3 beardless patients a week.

Healthy hair follicles are removed from the patient’s head and re-inserted on the face using micro blades.

Facial hair transplants are the latest craze in men’s cosmetics.

While this procedure is more commonly performed on goatees and moustaches, it can also be used on beards, sideburns and cheeks.

Article written by  D Mulhern

9 Responses

  1. I think that we should take healthy hair follicles from people who don’t have cancer.We could transplant hair to people who have lost it going through chemotherapy.Then people with cancer can have hair growing on their head again.

  2. this is a very weird way of men trying to make them look good in my opion i dont like facial hair

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