Barbie themed hotel room

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If you consider yourself a Barbie girl, then a hotel in Argentina is giving you the chance to experience the Barbie world with its new themed room dedicated just to Barbie.

The room is designated specifically for children and opens up into another room for parents. Decorated in pink with a 32 inch tv which plays only Barbie movies, the room costs $179 a night and is fully booked until the start of 2015.

The room was inspired by the Barbie doll dream house and is complete with walk-in-wardrobe, marble bathroom, Barbie catwalk and dolls.


Article written by D Mulhern



33 Responses

  1. I love barbie so much that if I had that room I would be screaming out ”I love barbie” all the time when i’m at the room.

  2. Hi People,

    I think this barbie room is cute for little kids but lets be real who wants to pay $179 a night, just to stay in a barbie themed room, I mean its cool and all that but if you stayed there for 2 weeks you would have to pay $2,506 I mean you could spend that money on way better stuff like 2 computers or 2 iPhone 6’s but I understand if someone wants to treat their little girl to it for there birthday but staying there for a long time would just get too pricey.
    So in conclusion I think the barbie room looks good and staying there a night or 2 would be fine just not forever if that make senses.

  3. Omg my sister would love it she is 6 she loves LPS and barbies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!!,!!!!!!!!,!!!,,!!!!!!!!!!,!!!!,!!,

  4. That is soooooooo…….expensive! Like, that is pretty cool if you like barbie but that is very expense to stay there for a week or so but it is not worth that money. You could buy something more valuable.

  5. awesome but I wouldn’t last a night there! only Barbie movies!?!?!?!? stuff that lol

  6. barbie this barbie that its really cool but a little to much PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhh i hate pink

  7. Hey, let’s put this straight who would want to pay that much to stay in a “barbie” dream house – I”m not even a barbie fan

  8. Its a awesome place but just a bit expensive and you cant see pictures of the room I wish I had a room like that though!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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