Banks robbers steal $1billion

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A group of hackers have stolen up to $1 billion from banks around the world in what is now one of the biggest breaks in banking security known.

Since 2013, these hackers have infiltrated over 100 banks in 30 different countries according to Russian security company Lab.

Once they have access to a bank’s computers, they hide in the background for months, familiarizing themselves with the banks’ systems.

The hackers would take screen shots and even videos of using their computers to be able to copy their actions.A 94-year-old Wellington Veteran has been award French’s Highest National Award, the Medal of Knight of the French National Order, the Legion of Honour

They use this gathered knowledge to steal money without raising suspicions, programming and transferring money into them.

It seems the hackers limit their theft to about $10 million before moving on to another bank, part of the reason why the fraud was not detected earlier.

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  1. that is alot of money. funny picture of thoose jerks.I hate robers it is a shame there are so many. I am very sorry to all the banks and people that got money stollen.I gess it is just thats just life.

  2. But the thing is how didn’t they realise that they stole 10million dollars in one bank?

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