‘Bald’ lamb given coat

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A lamb born without its own wool coat is being kept warm in a borrowed fluffy fleece.

The lamb has been nicknamed Skippy because “he looks like a kangaroo”. He was born on a farm in Wiltshire, in South West England.

Skippy was abandoned by his mother and is now being hand-reared at the farm.

A jacket has been tailor-made for the lamb with clumps of fleece placed around him.

Ms Fisher, who is looking after Skippy, said: “We’ve made a little jacket for him to wear out of an old jumper to keep him warm at night.”

10 Responses

  1. Dis is adorable 🙂 I mean seriously though, are we sure it’s not a kangaroo

  2. It’s so cool that the can make a coat for it please look after it.
    Are they absolutely sure that at wasn’t a kangaroo crossed with a sheep ?

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