Baby’s first word

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Most children are around 1 year old when they say their first word so this 7 week old baby boy stunned his mother when he said ‘hello’!

Irish mother Toni was filming a cute home video of her son Cillian and noticed that the young baby was trying to mimic her words. Out of nowhere Cillian appears to have succeeded!

Toni says that if she hadn’t caught the moment on camera she never would have believed it…and some still don’t. So what do you think? Did Cillian really say hello? Check out the video below. Ask your parents and tell us when you said your first word and what it was!


Article written by D Mulhern


[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ui95209yg0″ height=”420″][su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plwVRYEQG_I” height=”420″][/su_youtube]



44 Responses

  1. that is awesome and amazing and really unexpected and would be very surprising for the babies parents

  2. I think it did say Hello because I listened to it very carefully. I am really happy to watch a 6 or 7 week baby say hello it’s very cute.

  3. ummmmm. I don’t know it kinda seems true because “hello” is a basic word and easy to say. Plus his mum might have kept saying “hello baby”

  4. my first word was mama but I don’t know when I said it I know some one who’s first word was mcdonalds

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