Australian cricket team admit to cheating

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The Australian cricket team has shocked many people after they admitted to cheating during a match in Cape Town, South Africa.

Last week, captain Steve Smith said his team’s “leadership group” had hatched a plan to cheat by deliberately messing with the ball “to get an advantage” during a Test match.

The team took sandpaper onto the pitch to try and change the condition of the ball.

Smith, and vice captain David Warner, have been banned for one year by Cricket Australia and have also been banned from playing in the IPL later this season.

Cameron Bancroft, the player that actually messed with the ball was banned for 9 months.

28 Responses

  1. Terrible of Steve and David to actually agree to this. Fair play is the only kind of play that should go down on such a huge scale.

  2. I always knew there was something a bit fishy about that match……. Hmmm :O

  3. Ozzy had no right to cheat and they should’nt cheat because cheating is mean and it does not matter if they lose or if they win

  4. Feel so sorry for bancruft, he was a new cricketer, and now he lost 9 montgs of cricjet because he was deliberately forced to by david warner and steve smith. When they we apologising to the media and mostly cricket australia tgey blamdd them selves but never said who came up with the idea. When they apologysing theyvwere crying

  5. What did you expect? They are from Australia. This is nothing out of the ordinary.

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