Australia hit by Super Storm

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Heavy rain and damaging winds have hit Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania over the past few days, causing flooding and power cuts.

Three people have been confirmed dead near Canberra and in NSW after Australia’s wild weather this weekend.

Many residents of the north-west Tasmanian town of Latrobe have been evacuated as the storm moves south, with a number of businesses and homes flooded.

Erosion at Sydney’s Collaroy Beach has forced the evacuation of multi-million dollar homes, which are now in danger of collapsing.

New Zealand’s MetService website said a complex trough was expected to approach New Zealand on Wednesday, with a moderate likelihood of heavy rain around Westland, Fiordland, the Otago and Canterbury headwaters and Buller over the following three days.

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  1. Ouch. Must be really sad for them losing family and homes. They’d must have lost lots of money and their favourite things. I feel very sorry for them. They should get insurance for all the things they owned, but wouldn’t that cost a lot of money?

  2. That’s really unfortunate, I really hope that we don’t uncover more dead bodies or more storms hit either New Zealand and Australia

  3. Thanks for keeping us up to date with the news going on, I think I know more about this stuff than my mum now!

  4. you guys you do realise this isnt true i was in australia when it happened and the only bad thing that happedned in australia was one power cut and thats cause the electritions cut the wrong wire.

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