Australia builds world’s longest cat fence

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The world’s largest cat-proof fence has been completed in central Australia.  The fence creates a 94 square kilometre sanctuary for endangered marsupials.

The fence itself is 44km long and is made of 85,000 pickets, 400km of wire and 130km of netting .  It surrounds the Newhaven wildlife sanctuary.

Endangered marsupials such as the bilby, the burrowing bettong and the mala (also known as the rufous hare-wallaby) will have a chance to replenish their populations inside the massive sanctuary, safe from Australia’s feral cat epidemic.

Conservationists plan to reintroduce a total of 11 endangered marsupials into the area.

Feral cats not only threaten marsupials, each night they kill a million native birds across Australia and have caused the extinction of 20 native species.


16 Responses

  1. Awwwww….. That’s sad. Cats can be dangerous but also cute. When you see a cat trying to catch a bird try to get it away from the bird. I have a cat myself named ‘Nori’.

  2. the AUSSIE WALL… paid by the cats/kittens food
    BUT… they do prove a point.
    i have 2 cats myself called charlie and oscar

  3. thats great, im very glad they did that to help the enviroment over there. I hope it works.

  4. That is sooooooo sad ? cats kill tha5 much birds!? 20 extinct and that is caused by cats?! I love cats and birds and both are beautiful and cute except for magpies ?

  5. Very Interesting,
    All of the cats can kill even more if they properly tried but they didn’t
    so they had all been saved by these 4 long walls.

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