Auckland Zoo hippo dies

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One of theย male hippos at Auckland Zoo has died.
The zoo announced over the weekend that their 28-year-old hippopotamus called “Fudge”had passed away.
The cause of the animal’s death is unknown but according to the zoo it had been unwell and had not been eating forsometime.
A post-mortem will be done to determine the cause of death.
Hippo Fudge was born at Auckland Zoo in 1988.
He has a 40-year-old mother named Faith, who is also at Auckland Zoo.

68 Responses

  1. My condolence’s to his Mum and the zoo keepers who had a relationship with this sweet hippo. So sad

  2. tragic time in auckland zoo,hippo has died of unknown sickness and has passed away R.I.P Fugde REST IN PEACE.

  3. just beafor easter I went to Aukaland zoo with my mums older sister her three baby boys also me and my brother.sadly my dad could not make it but my mum did after we looked at most of the animels we went to see were the hipo was and then we relised it pasted away

  4. I,m sad because the hippo named fudge passed away I wish nothing had happened to it.

  5. That’s soooo sad and it’s a sad moment for the zookeeper’s. Sooooooo sad!!!!!!!!!??

  6. NOOOOO! NOT FUDGE!!! He was my friend, I went to Auckland Zoo and became friends with him. ;(

  7. This is so sad i wish fuge lived for ever ???????????????????????????????? from memphis.

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