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While the doors of Auckland Museum are closed, visitors can still experience some of their favourite parts of Tāmaki Paenga Hira online. Auckland Museum at Home is an online hub filled with stories, activities, videos and puzzles for the whole family to enjoy for free.

There are engaging and entertaining things to see, do, watch and discover for all ages and New Zealanders are invited to visit online.

From collection objects and stories, to behind the scenes with Museum personnel, to quirky facts, the Museum team has collated a broad range of stories that reflect the past, current and future work of Auckland Museum.

Throughout Auckland Museum at Home the stories are separated into different segments so visitors can find the stories they want, whether they want to learn something new, entertain the kids or are just simply looking for something to do.

Children can explore 3D models of our collection, take an interactive quiz about marine life, see inside a whale, or explore life in the ocean. A series of animated short films transport viewers back in time to stories from when the HMB Endeavour arrived in Aotearoa NZ in 1769.

In a series of curated video playlists find out about the cool jobs and amazing activities Auckland Museum staff get up to every day, view videos, including some featured in our Volcanoes gallery and learn some fast facts such as – did you know that ancestors of whales once had legs? Or that Anzac soldiers during WWI turned jam tins into bombs?

The Auckland Museum at Home page will continually be updated with new videos, articles and activities.

Keep coming back to see what’s new and follow Auckland Museum on social channels for updates.

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