Astronauts may use their pee to help build moon base

NASA has announced it is looking to use astronaut’s pee to build bases on the moon.

In a new study, researchers have found that urea, the major organic compound found in human urine, could be useful for making concrete on the moon. 

Yes, you read that right… WEE could help build HOMES on the MOON.

NASA’s Artemis programme is aiming to have astronauts living on the moon by 2024. With the goal of sending humans to Mars these bases will help astronauts explore even further into space.

Building these stations is no easy task. Sending materials from Earth to the Moon is very expensive and time-consuming.

New research suggests that urea (the chemical found in human wee) can bind the moon dust together and create a strong building material.

This would be really useful as it would mean it would be one less chemical to take into space. It is also a good way to help recycle astronaut waste.

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1 month ago

That is awesome

1 month ago

this is really big news we got a step closer to interplanetary transport

1 month ago

weird and gross and fascinating at the same time

1 month ago

Oh yuck but at the same time it’s awesome.

Abigail🦥 BLAH BLAH
Abigail🦥 BLAH BLAH
1 month ago

eww and cool!

1 month ago

that is weird , but at the same time it is really good because if we could live on the moon some day

Benjamin Krakauer Marins
Benjamin Krakauer Marins
1 month ago

gross but it’s worth it



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