Antarctic Penguin arrives in New Zealand

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An Antarctic Penguin has been found roaming a New Zealand beach.

This little Adelie penguin was found over 3,000 kilometers from his home in Antarctica!

The Penguin has been affectionately named Pingu and experts believe it made the tricky journey across the ocean by accident.

It is extremely rare for these birds to make this journey. Pingu is the third Adelie penguin to have reached the shores of New Zealand.

Pingu was said to be tired and hungry from his long journey but was being looked after by specialist vets.

He has since been given fluids and fed via a feeding tube, and when back to full fitness, will eventually be released onto a safe beach.

26 Responses

  1. it probably was running away from the melting ice caps. religion is a scam and we are all going to die from global warming

  2. Wow, That penguin is dedacated to get here. Also, not that this has anything to do with the subject, but I heared that the person who plays big bird from sesame street is getting fired.

  3. Wait how did it get to New Zealand it is mind bogling like how it even made it to there and why did it come to New Zealand

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