Anne Frank’s lost poem

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A lost poem written by Jewish schoolgirl Anne Frank before she went into hiding from the Nazis has been revealed after more than 70 years.

The eight-line poem written in 1942 is now up for auction.

It’s written in Dutch and was found in the school book of her best friend’s sister, Christiane ‘Cricri’ Van Maarsen.

It’s expected to fetch around NZ$74,000 – well above its reserve price of about NZ$45,000.

Translated into English, the poem reads:

Dear Cri-Cri,

If you did not finish your work properly,

And lost precious time,

Then once again take up your task

And try harder than before.

If others have reproached you

For what you have done wrong,

Then be sure to amend your mistake.

That is the best memory one can make.

Anne Frank was a German-born Jewish girl whose diary told the story of her experience hiding from the Nazis in World War Two.

In 1944 she was caught and sent to Auschwitz, then to Bergen-Belsen, where she died of typhoid in 1945.

The diary was published in 1947 and has been translated into 67 languages.

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  1. Wow that is a lot of money, but shouldn’t we talk more about Anne Franks than the money that the poem is going for

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