An unbeatable selfie?

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London photographer, Lee Thompson, has stunned the world with his dedication to taking the world’s best selfie.

Lee believes he has now captured the “unbeatable selfie”, after snapping a pic at the top of Rio de Janeiro’s Christ The Redeemer statue.

Lee filmed his 25 minute climb up the inside of the 38m high monument, which sits atop Brazil’s 700m high Corcovado mountain.

The photographer was in Rio de Janeiro, covering the World Cup and convinced the Brazilian Tourist Board to allow him and a colleague to climb the statue.

The two men, along with two high-wire workmen, entered through scaffolding on the statue’s feet and then crawled in circles up 12 flights of rickety stairs in darkness.

Lee says it felt like the stairs were getting “narrower with every step” before they finally reached the small compartment in the statue’s shoulder.

He then used a rope to pull himself up the smooth soapstone into the head of the statue where he opened the hatch to the outside.

Lee describes the view from the top as incredible and says that it was the most fun selfie he has ever taken and one of his favourite photos ever.

Article written by  D Mulhern

35 Responses

  1. wow, that is a cool selfie 😀
    but i know what would be cooler… IF AN ASTRONAUT TOOK A SELFIE ON THE

  2. That is AWESOME but CRAZY at the same time.That is just freaking OUT OF THIS WORLD i hope lee has a great time and will do that sort of thing in another crazy place.WICKED DUDE

  3. that would be amazing to climb and I TOATALY think that IS the best selfie I have ever seen!!!!!

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