[content_protector password=”pavlova17″]$36 million is a lot of money, particularly when it is the money of taxpayers.

But $36 million is the amount that has been spent on the elite yacht race on the other side of the world, the America’s Cup. The race is high-status, admired and garners huge attention. Its participants compete in match races between the two sailing yachts for the trophy awarded to the winner, the Auld Mug. However, with yesterday’s win for the kiwis, the America’s Cup now becomes known as the New Zealand’s Cup! But with all this success and excitement, the question still remains, is $36 million too much money to spend on this event?

Arguably there will be several benefits to the New Zealand economy following our win, but if we accept that argument we might as well support all sorts of sports events. For instance, would we then not fund the All Whites? Football is a much more universal sport and would gain much greater exposure for New Zealand. We cannot shovel taxpayer money into sports in the hopes that we will win, when if we do not our loss could have extremely negative and significant impacts on the nation. We saw how risky that was in the 2013 America’s Cup when USA managed to come back from an 8-point disadvantage and beat New Zealand.

I believe the rewards New Zealand will take away from the Cup, now they have won, will be huge not only for New Zealand, but for tourism in general. With New Zealand bringing the Cup home, we now have the opportunity to rewrite the rules, and make it affordable for other countries to join in. Then it won’t be just a three boat race with a price tag that even Donald Trump would look sideways at.

However, suppose we had of lost out on the victory again. Would we be able to justify this spending then? Particularly when much of the money that goes to the America’s Cup team seems to fall into the hands of highly-paid sailors. As a taxpayer, I would like to see a breakdown of ETNZ’s budget and how my money is spent.

Why should hard working Kiwis fund a rich man’s sport? We shouldn’t. If people want to fund the New Zealand’s Cup team let them do it themselves without delving into the taxpayers’ pockets. If the boat building industry gets such benefit from the vent, let them fund it. Even though it may seem no different to a lot of sports and arts, perhaps it is time to let those who benefit from these events fund them and allow the rest of New Zealand to hold onto their cash.

All that being said, congratulations to the New Zealand team!

Critical Thinking Challenges:
1. Do you believe the amount of money spent on the America’s Cup was justified?
2. Did you watch the America’s Cup in 2013? Were you worried the same outcome would occur?
3. Research further predicted benefits of New Zealand’s victory in the races. Do these surpass the $36 million threshold?

Practical Tasks:
1. Ask you peers what sports they think $36 million is justifiable to spend on. All, some, or none? What patterns do you notice?
2. Find out how New Zealand was affected when we lost the race in 2013. Will we experience the opposite outcome now?
3. What is your opinion on this article? Do you agree or disagree? Share your own opinion in the COMMENTS BELOW.


26 Responses

  1. I agree. I think those that want to fund the sport should put their money toward it. It doesn’t mean that I do not support our team. I just think we should be given the option at least.

  2. this will have to be the best win since 190’s how you guys peddled with your boat and i like how you designed your boat

  3. I agree because otherwise we would have lost and lost alot of money

  4. i agree to that you could spend it on something else not just a boat with people on it to win a cup.its good that we won but its just a cup

  5. yes because otherwise we would of lost the race and lost alot of money anyway.

  6. well people have different opinions some people will agree and some people wont and if that $36 million helped us win then we should be happy for them just forget about it

  7. yes because we would have lost the race and lost alot of money anyway.

  8. I DO agree with this the money could have gone much further like to homeless people and saving native birds and plants. A wast of money. Thats what I think.

  9. I think the amount of money New Zealand spent on the America’s Cup was justified because of the amount of money and publicity it will bring to New Zealand, because of our win.

  10. I agree because its not worth losing all the money it could have gone to homeless shelters or charities and to build more schools for children.

  11. Extreme waist of money and of course a rich mans sport is always going to be funded.But bigger things like people having a roth over there head and not have to go hungry.
    Selfish as usual.

  12. i agree with this article because that money could’ve gone towards something more beneficial for the country like getting homeless people off the streets or making more tourist attractions.

  13. well people have their own opinions, some people will agree and some people will disagree but if that money helped us win then we should be happy also tourist will come to new zealand and pay us money and winning this cup has made a mark in new zealand history.

  14. I disagree because it could of gone to helping the homeless get off the streets

  15. I disagree because the money could of gone to better thing like getting people of the streets or could of gone to charities

  16. I agree it is not worth to lost the money because we could uses it for animal shelters

  17. Yes, because we wouldn’t lose a lot of money we could use it on more important stuff.

  18. i agree with this article because the money could’ve gone towards something more beneficial for the country like getting homeless people off the streets or making more tourist attractions

  19. I agree with the article because the money could have been spent towards more animal shelters and helping homeless people with finding a place to live.

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