Air NZ start charging for AirBand

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Yesterday, Air New Zealand started charging for Airband.
Airband are electronic bands that are worn by children traveling alone with Air NZ.
The bands were introduced in November, but were free until now.
Bookings made from February 3rd will incur a fee of $15 per child for each one way domestic journey, or $40 per child for each one way international journey.
The technology was thought to be a world-first in the air travel industry.
Have you ever worn an Airband?

14 Responses

  1. My opinion on this matter is that Air NZ should make the Air Band an optional choice for parents. Not everyone can afford to pay an extra $15 each way. If we want to encourage children to be able to fly independently it should be as cost effective as possible.

  2. That is not fair. Parents should not have to pay for airbands. It should be a treat for children to fly alone and a treat that should not be ruined by paying just for them to fly alone.

  3. That is not good. I kind of think it is a bit unfair because we are just kids and if we are traveling that to be on our own we should get it for free. I really hope they will change their mind about that. If they did that I am SURE that more kids will come.

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