Adams wins second Paralympic Gold

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New Zealand Shot putter Lisa Adams has won New Zealand’s second gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics.

Adams set a new Paralympic record in the F37 shot put, beating her rival Mi Na from China with a throw of 15.12 meters.

All of Lisa Adams throws were worthy of winning the gold medal, with her shortest throw being 14.34 metre.

The 30-year-old said that winning a gold was a dream come true and said ‘Its unreal’ in her interview.

Lisa Adams is coached by her sister and two-time Olympic champion, Dame Valerie Adams who won a bronze medal at Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

10 Responses

  1. 1,Lisa Adams and her sister Dame Valerie they two time Olympic champion and won
    2,winning a gold was a dream come true its unreal
    3,at the Tokyo Paralympics
    4,at Tokyo Olympic Games 2020.

  2. That is awesome that the sisters work together with there shot put and it shows how great they are well done Lisa NZ are proud of your achievement

  3. That’s a very good thing to help and encourage eatchother with this kind of sport. It’s a very good talent. And a happy blessing to have. It’s amazing how you see these sisters follow there dreams😀.

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