A sprinkles emergency

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Police in the UK have released a statement urging people to use the emergency system only in appropriate situations after a woman called the cops to report not enough sprinkles on an ice-cream.
The woman told the operator that she had ordered an ice cream and the owner “put bits on one side and none on the other.”
She said “It doesn’t seem like much of an emergency but it is a little bit…he’s refusing to give me my money back and saying that I’ve got to take it like that.”
Chief Superintendent, Jim Andronov, is urging public to reserve the system for emergency only.
He says that if someone is trying to reach emergency services in a life or death situation, even a minute wasted by non-urgent calls is a long time to wait.
Article written by  D Mulhern

32 Responses

  1. i think thats silly people should not call the cops for something like that, the police have much more importent things to do then that!!!!!!!!

  2. That is stupid and unfair to the police. What if someone was in trouble when the lady was making that call

  3. Why would anyone call the emergency line for a couple of unimportant sprinkles. Sprinkles don’t really matter because they don’t really give flavor, unless there is a lot.

  4. Why would someone call the police for not enough sprinkles on their ice cream??????

  5. That’s stupid she should just go with what she got or if she doesn’t like it give it back and don’t get your money or eat it, and that is soooo not even a tiny bit of an emergency she is just a complainer.

  6. Weird, and stupid. Like seriously, what if someone was suffering pain while a lady was complaining there wasn’t enough sprinkles on her ice cream. Which one would the cops choose? Suffering pain or not enough sprinkles?!?
    But usually they wouldn’t have the choice because they would have to go to an emergency straight away!

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