Nine Orca found dead in Southland

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Nine orca have been found dead in Southland following a mass stranding.
This is only the third time in New Zealand a stranding of orca has occurred.
Included in the nine dead were a calf, its mother and at least one adult male.
At this stage it is not known why the orca stranded themselves but experts are on their way to the scene to determine the cause.
The Department of Conservation described the latest stranding as a blow to New Zealand’s small orca population.
There are only 200 orca in New Zealand and to lose nine is a crucial blow to the population levels.
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11 Responses

  1. We hate to see this, we think it is a absolute tragedy and that the experts need to find out why this happens so that we can stop it before it happens again. So that we can sustain the population of the Orca. If this happens, New Zealand may increase in popularity, because of these amazing creatures.
    Jordan & Charlie

  2. Man that’s pretty sad 🙁
    Yeah I agree with Jordan and Charlie we should find out why the orca is doing this.

  3. i would hate to see all orcas get killed by strandings in NZ. I love driving and sometimes seeing a pod swimming by. its magical

  4. help me save the Orca!! I am a kiwi and I was born in NZ and I love animals I go to the library and read about all animals!

  5. that is pretty sad I love annaimals and I have a big soft spot for them my frog died today and I have a dog called mackey and a frog called emreld r.i.p

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