6×8 is the hardest multiplication to learn

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A village school in the UK has found the answer to which times tables are the hardest to grasp for children.

The school developed an app and by using smart phones with some ingenious software, they found out that the hardest question is 6×8.

The sum of 6×8, recorded an error rate of 63 per cent, followed by the reverse 8×6, with an error rate of 60 per. Other multiplications students had difficulty answering correctly included ‘8 x6,’ ’11×12,’ ’12×18,’ and ‘8×12.’

The school assembled a databank of 60,000 responses from 232 children.During the study, participants submitted over 60,000 answers for analysis.

Other interesting facts that were found through the study are below.

  • These results revealed that when learning their multiplication tables, students learn ‘1x…’ the quickest.
  • Boys answer more quickly, but have a great likelihood of producing an incorrect answer when compared with girls.
  • Students seem to have the most difficulty learning their 12x table

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  1. That’s odd!! But I do agree about the girls being more accurate than boys 😉 (sorry boys!)

  2. hey fanghorn, hehehee i know only one person that would call themsleves that so im guessing its you. seeee you at school tomorw, aimeeee h:)

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