500 cows stolen from farmer

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A Canterbury farm is devastated after 500 of their dairy cows worth around $1 million have gone missing.
The farm is located in Ashburton and police believe around 20 trucks would have been needed to move the herd.
The theft was noticed in late August but may have occurred earlier.
Pennie Saunders, the farm manager, said it has hit the farm’s shareholders hard. She estimates the cows are worth around $2000 each as they are in calf and have been fed well over winter. They have a herd of 1300.
Saunders knows three or four other farms in the area have been affected by livestock theft.

24 Responses

  1. Oh My that’s awful. 500 cows that’s a lot. The person whom really owned it must be sad, 500 cows that’s a lot.

  2. WOW!That is absolutely crazy! i hope they catch the people that did it! cows are useless anyway! Well, kinda useless. But anyway that is just weird.

  3. This Is devastating news. New Zealand Is a great country to live in. I hope they catch the person\people responsible for this theft. Because they could be spreading up or down the country making money.

  4. What who would steal any cows! Let’s do some maths the cows are going to have calves and that could be 1000 cows I hope that they get them back ! And have to go to jail for theft and get a fine and get the money back to the farmer.I wish that the farmer gets about 1000 cows and calves?

  5. This is really sad. The people who took the cows need to be found because it’s not fair that our animals get to be treated this way. They may not be as smart as humans, but they sure can change our lives. I really feel for the cows and the farmer too.

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