50 years since Wahine Disaster

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Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the Wahine Disaster.
The Wahine was the ferry that sailed between Lyttelton Harbour near Christchurch and Wellington.
At 8:30pm on the 9 April 1968, the Wahine left Lyttelton Harbour carrying 734 passengers and crew, and one stowaway.
At the same time a tropical cyclone was making its way down the country. The Cook Strait was experiencing strong southerly winds, rain and poor visibility.
The ship entered Cook Strait just as Cyclone Giselle swept south. The Wahine rolled violently back and forth as it made its way in the storm in winds of up to 100 knots.
In the early hours of 10 April, the ferry ran aground and capsized at the entrance to Wellington Harbour.
Sadly, 53 people lost their lives.

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  1. my dads parents and his siblings were on that boat a few months before the disater

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