$50 for a box of Weet-bix!

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Weet-bix has become one of the hottest products on the market in China.

That’s right, the humble Weet-bix is the next big thing in China.

Boxes of Sanitarium’s most popular breakfast product, which go for between five and six dollars in New Zealand supermarkets are being sold for upwards of $50 by local exporters on Chinese social media sites.

So how did the familiar, high-fibre, edible bricks of wheat become popular?

It was the celebrity endorsement that sparked the huge spike in demand, resulting in sellers being able to massively up their costs.

A popular Chinese drama featured the product, sending demand soaring.

Though Weet-Bix is at the moment selling for up to 10 times its shelf price online, experts believe the market will soon level out.

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  1. YES! This is so good. Do you know how much this would mean to us, as a country? HEAPS!!! Now hopefully, NZ’s financial economy can go from about a 3.2% rate to a 7.6% rate. With this amount of money coming in from china, NZ can do so many AWESOME things!!!!

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