Millions of chocolate bars recalled

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Chocolate maker Mars has asked people to return some chocolate bars after a customer in Germany found bits of plastic in their Snickers bar.

Chocolates have been recalled in 55 European countries

It is unknown how many bars are affected but some estimates think it could be around 5 million bars.

Luckily this doesn’t include New Zealand as most of the New Zealand chocolate products are made in Australia.

49 Responses

  1. That would be scary biting into a chocolate bar only to find that it had sharp pieces of plastic in it

  2. wow I love those bars how could Germany find plastics in chocolate bars wow I am curious I hope this doesn’t spread to new Zealand !!!!!!!!!

  3. That is ssssoooo puke worthy

  4. Hopefully not. Maybe they will be scanned and then put away if they don’t have plastic in them? It will take a while but it would be wasteful to throw them all away.

  5. you might come across a piece of wapper and you dont see it and you could swallow it and choke

  6. I hope no one chocks if there is plastic in the Mars Bars then i wont really eat them any more.

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