45 snakes found under US house

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When a man’s cable service started acting up, he decided to crawl under his home in Texas to see if he find out what the problem was.

When he got under his house he thought he saw just a few rattlesnakes.

As it turns out, there weren’t “just a few” snakes under the man’s house. There were 45. 

There were snakes piled up together … … snakes hanging from above … snakes basically everywhere!

One by one they were taken out safely.

It took three bins and buckets to hold all 45 snakes, and once they’d all been secured, they were driven to a safe location where they wouldn’t be disturbed were released.

61 Responses

  1. That is so scary and it must be really weird to find 45 snakes under your house. Imagine if you had to go under there and you found 45 snakes under your house.

  2. I could understand texas is rattlesnake heaven and they score a 7 on a danger metre out of seven I should know I read up on all sorts of reptiles

  3. Woow imagine that under your house and then they start coming out though holes. That would be cool and scary at the same time

  4. what if those snakes were poisonous? I wouldn’t want to be him if those snakes were poisonous.

  5. That is so crazy how did they even get their. I would not like to get those snakes out. Know way. ???

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