3 year old locks dad’s iPad for 48 years

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Have you ever locked your parents phone or iPad when you’ve been allowed to play on it?

Well, a 3 year old has disabled her dad’s iPad for 25,536,442 minutes. That equates to 48 years!!

An iPad lockout occurs whenever someone repeatedly tries to enter the wrong password. The more times an incorrect password is entered, the longer the lock-out time.

Apple says you need to perform a restore to use the device again.

I don’t think that 3 year old will be left alone with the iPad again.

46 Responses

  1. l don’t think a three year old should have a ipad because they can break it and be silly with it and watch something that they are not supposed to watch that’s one reason

  2. how would give that to u 3 year old that weird i don’t think you will ever get back in to that again now you no not to give it to the 3 year aye and u threr year old can not cotrol that ipad ????

  3. that is quite fake and impossible. you have to spend more time then 3 years to lock a ipad for 48 years. GOOD DAY SIR.

  4. why would you leave your 3 year old with your ipad I don’t even let my 8 year old siblings play with mine!!! xxD

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