A cross-eyed cat has earned thousands of dollars for charities.

The cat, called Belarus, has been used by an American lady to help raise thousands of dollars for local pet shelters.

Rachel, the owner of Belarus, has been selling t-shirts with his face on the front. The t-shirts have become incredibly popular – thanks to his adorable ‘googly eyes’

The pupils of poor Belarus’s bright yellow eyes face in separate directions thanks to a condition called strabismus, leaving him with a permanently confused expression.

Despite the condition, Belarus has very few apparent issues with his vision, apart from occasionally pawing at his water bowl.

Last year, Belarus raised $6,000 for animal shelters, with $4,000 to Belarus’ shelter SFACC, $1,000 to Sonoma Community Animal Response Team for their efforts saving animals from the Sonoma wildfire, and $1,000 to Cat Town of Oakland.

The maker of Barbie, Mattel, has launched a new range of designs for 2020.

The new designs aim to reflect a broader range of hairstyles, skin tones, and body types. 

Mattel is branding it as the ‘most diverse doll line yet’. One of the news Barbie’s has vitiligo and a hairless Barbie is also included.

Vitiligo is a condition that causes loss of skin colour. Mattel said they worked with a dermatologist to make sure it was accurately represented. 

Last year, the prototype of the vitiligo doll was the most ‘liked post’ on the company’s Instagram.

The dolls are to be part of the Fashionista range, which has 176 dolls with 9 different body types, 35 skin tones, and 94 hairstyles. 

The manufacturer, Mattel says it has continued to revolutionise the Barbie doll to better reflect what girls see in their world today.

Other dolls in the line include a Ken with long blonde hair and dolls with wheelchairs and prosthetic limbs to reflect girls with physical disabilities.

Sam Clark has won the Coast to Coast for the fourth time.

Clark, who didn’t race last year, held off defending champion Dougal Allan by 7min 42sec to finish in 10hr 05min 01sec.

Tauranga’s Corrine O’Donnell claimed the women’s title in 12hr 53min 39sec, beating event first-timer Ali Wilson by just 3min 05sec.

The Coast to Coast is one of New Zealand’s oldest multisport races. It goes from the West Coast of the South Island to the East Coast. The 250km takes competitors around 10-12 hours.

In that time they run, cycle and paddle there way across the island.