2020 Olympics Review

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This year the Tokyo Olympic Games were like no other. After the games were postponed to 2021 due to Coronavirus, many people were unsure if the games were even going to go ahead. It was announced that, at the Tokyo Olympics, there were to be no crowds or spectators to watch the games.

Athletes from all over the globe came to Tokyo, Japan to compete in the Olympics and to represent and make their country proud.

Team USA had the most Olympians compete in the Games, with over 600 participants.

The New Zealand team weren’t the biggest of all, but we sure did stun the other countries with our many victories just for our small country of 5 million. Many New Zealanders had the privilege to have an Olympic medal around their neck and be able to call themselves an Olympian.

I believe that all of the athletes who were representing NZ did an awesome job. But, if I were to pick a certain athlete who did the best for our country, it would have to be Lisa Carrington. She won 3 gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, and with this total she became New Zealand’s most successful Olympian with 6 medals in total.

My favourite sport to watch in the 2020 Olympics was Track Cycling. New Zealand’s track Cycling team was very successful and truly deserved to win. We won 2 silver in the Track Cycling, in which I believe is a great success. To think that we were up against the best countries, and to get 2 medals is something to be proud of.

Overall, the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games was New Zealand’s most successful Olympic games. To send 211 athletes over to Tokyo was awesome for a team of 5 million. We won 20 medals in total and came 13th on the medal table. All of the participants who took part in the Olympics from New Zealand made their country and family proud.

I loved watching the Olympics from NZ and to see a very muchly different Olympics. The 2020 Games will be something that I will remember.

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  1. yikes still so much talk about the olympics, i mean its great and all but its now a thing in the past. nice job tho

  2. The olympics were AWESOME I can’t wait till the paralympics. Your choice for favourite olympian is amazingly right but the other olympians were equally as AWESOME!

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