2017 duck shooting season starts

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Thousands of hunters have turned out for the opening day of the 2017 duck hunting season.
New Zealand Fish and Game said it was shaping up to be a good season. The wet summer encouraging healthy duck breeding in the North and South islands.
So far there haven’t been any reports of accidents involving duck hunters and hunters were being reminded to put safety first this weekend.
Mountain Safety Council say that about 45 percent of reported incidents happened in the first two days of the season.
The season runs until the end of August.

19 Responses

  1. That’s sad why did like so much people vote other than sad and dis can’t be true if it was baby ducklings everyone would be like no plz I’m 5

  2. Why are people like yay duck shooting oh this is amazing news and stuff like that #StopDuckShooting

  3. that is very sad for ducks to be killed . That means the duck population is going to go down?
    Why do people do duck shooting?

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