14 year old Boy turns down $44million

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Taylor Rosenthal is a budding Bill Gates. The 14-year-old’s start-up company is so hot, he’s already turned down a $44 million takeover offer.

The high-school student from Alabama is the creator of RecMed, a vending machine that dispenses first aid products.

The company, which he launched in 2014, started as a year eight project when the straight-A student was taking part in a Young Entrepreneurs Academy class.

“We had to come up with a business idea,” he said.

“Every time I’d travel for a baseball tournament in Alabama, I’d notice that kids would get hurt and parents couldn’t find a band-aid. I wanted to solve that.”

The idea evolved into a vending machine.

Customers can either purchase pre-packaged first-aid kits for between $US5.99 (NZ$8.70) and $US15.95 (NZ$24.80), or individual supplies like bandaids, rubber gloves and hydrocortisone wipes, ranging from $US6 (NZ$8.70) to $US20 (NZ$29).

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  1. but good for him because he can do a bisness and i cant!!! it no fair!!! but enjoy your company, 14 year old boy who strangely turns down 44million bucks most probably out of kindness, and good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes! now no one will get hurt and there won’t be anymore looking for bandaids no more.

  3. so, he turned down 44million dollars just so he could have his own company. Does this kid really think hes gonna make 44million dollars on his invention? Seriously, this kid is crazy

  4. That is amazing that he thought off and that he took down 44 million dollars :0

  5. I would have turned down the money to if i were him because happiness is not money.

  6. I think that’s insane y’all turning down 44 million I would love to have that much money. Wait I do lol 😛

  7. This kid is amazing he turned something from ordinary to extraordinary and from simple as band aids well done!. Quote: Happiness cant be bought with Money

  8. Why did he turn it down but I see why because it might get stolen and he probably doesn’t want to be a millionaire

  9. That’s more money than one person could use in a life-time.
    But I guess theres a reason they wanted to buy that vending machine so I have no idea whatsoever if that was a good idea

    Good Job for making good thing :p

  10. hes not crazy he made that conmpany himself and he wanted to run it himself so good on him for wanting to help people

  11. Guys, he turned it down because it was an offer to steal his company’s idea. Basically someone was wanting to buy the kid’s vending machines and own it for 44 million dollars.

  12. good on him turning down the money tis his business and he is doing a great job

  13. Good on you boy. Turning down 44 Million Dollars is an incredibly hard thing to do. But you obviously love your business and you don’t see that very often in a person. Money is everything now days and people are greedy. Great to see someone so young coming up with incredibly helpful ideas.

  14. Wait, WHAT?! Take the money to advance the company! Go figure dude, go figure!

  15. Super crazy but he did start the company so really I think it was up to him.?
    but why turn it down!???

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