Baby Born With Love Heart On Forehead

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Baby Poppy-Rae has a rather unique birthmark on her forehead…a heart!

Two days after she was born, Poppy-Rae’s parents noticed the mark on her head.

The distinct heart shape is even more special because Poppy-Rae’s mother discovered that her pregnancy began on Valentine’s day last year!

The mark worried Poppy-Rae’s parents when it turned a dark red whenever she laughed or cried. A trip to the doctor reassured them that it was just a regular birthmark in an unusual place and shape.

Doctors believe that the mark may disappear when Poppy-Rae gets to age 4 or 5 but could reappear later in life.

Check out the pics below!

64 Responses

  1. Wow! That’s weird and cute! I wonder what she’ll look like in five years time? I wonder if she’ll still have the mark?

  2. that is really wierd, makes me wonder if the mark has some thing to do with her\his birthday.

  3. That baby is so cute!!! But i hope she doesn’t get teased about it, but why would someone tease about a cool shaped birthmark?

  4. i hope when she goes to school no one will tease here. its so freaky to see a little girl on valentines with a love heart on her head but shes

  5. How adorable!! I think that heart birthmark trumps my rocket-shaped birthmark.
    P.s she is as cute as a button.

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