Severed Snake Head Found In Canned Beans

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A woman in Utah was left horrified after finding a severed snake head inside a can of green beans.

Troy Walker was preparing dinner with her church group for elderly neighbours when she discovered the surprise.

Troy initially though it was just a burnt bean then saw eyes when she lifted it off the spoon. Troy says that’s when she ‘dropped it and screamed.’

She took the snake head and can back to the Harmons grocery store where she purchased in and received an apology and a full refund on the cans that she had bought.

A photo was also sent to the company that produces the canned beans and they are investigating the incident.

33 Responses

  1. Did the snake like accidentally get cut when it got into the machine thingy where the beans get cut?

  2. where was the actual company if Australia then snake family must have crawled in machine and got chopped, sold and she was the lucky one that’s cool and gross how did it get through security ay because they can how could they not detect the snake that’s weird and yuck! and cool 😉

  3. That’s So gross and yuck.
    it was stupid that the company did not notice that there were snakes sneaking around there machines.

  4. What? Where they crawling around their machines? They need to get the cleaners to tell them everything, even if they scoop up half a snake body.

  5. how did the snake get there…WAIT how did it get in to the factory??????????????

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