More Than 100 Cars Found In Mine

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More than 100 cars have been found 200-feet underground in the bottom of an abandoned slate mine in North Wales.

The mine was closed more than half a century ago and date from the 1970s. Urban explorers made the discovery after a trek through the mine and IT Engineer Gregory Rivolet spent 4 hours exploring the ‘dangerous’ and ‘unstable’ mine.



The mine is believed to have opened in 1836 and work there continued until 1960 until it was abandoned.


It is a mystery as to how the cars ended up at the bottom of the mine.

16 Responses

  1. is there a hole in the top of the cave because the cars could have been going and then they could of fell

  2. Probably people knowing the whereabouts of the mine and just littering them instead of the landfull

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